Staking Your Claim in Online Property with Your Link in Bio for Web3 with Co-founder Victor Ma

Horacio spoke with Victor Ma, Co-founder of is Your Link in Bio for Web3. By minting your online username through, you can claim your username before others get a chance for Web3 and broadcast it on various social media platforms. Victor talks about his road toward developing, including working in a family restaurant, becoming a domain name investor, and a social media content creator. Victor also talks about, the future he envisions for the company, and the online community he hopes to build on the platform.

Discussion topics include:

  • Domain names as real estate on the internet

  • Prior business experience and building community on social media

  • The rise of alternative extensions as viable options

  • Trending domain extensions for specific industries

  • Channels for selling domain names

  • Building a domain portfolio by doing research

  • The value of words for domains and usernames

  • as a Web3 Link in Bio to build community

  • Being an OG on by being an early supporter

  • People moving online and the importance of finding a community

  • Your Link in Bio as a signal of belonging to a community

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