Watches & Wonders: 5 Luxury Watches Released in 2022

Watches & Wonders: 5 Luxury Watches Released in 2022

The world’s largest watch conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland, in April 2022. The preeminent watch tradeshow exceeded all expectations, with 38 renowned watch brands introducing new luxury timepieces to millions of watch enthusiasts both in-person and online. During the exciting and anticipated event, most brands announced new releases for the year.

The spirit of innovation and ingenuity pervaded the atmosphere of the week-long event, which ended on a high note and is still a topic of discussion by lovers of Watches & Wonders 2022. A series of panel discussions and presentations were held, resulting in fruitful discussions that will propel the industry and its players to higher heights.

Watch collectors are since this is the first time since 2019 that the convention has brought together the world’s most prestigious and sought-after brands that allow watch enthusiasts to physically experience timepieces that aren’t on the market as yet.

Watches & Wonders: 5 Luxury Watches Released in 2022

We’ve selected five watches to highlight from the many displayed at watches and wonders 2022.

Patek Philippe 5326G-001

Patek Phillipe has established itself as one of the most sought-after luxury timepieces on the market, so it’s no surprise that the brand previewed the release of its latest masterpiece, which comes in 12 different models.

Patek Philippe’s reference 5326G-001 is a merger of functions performed by two different watches, namely the ‘travel time‘ complication and the ‘annual calendar‘ making, one of the best new watches.

The ‘annual calendar’ differentiates between the months with 30 days and 31 days, so this timepiece is adjusted once per year (February). While the “travel time” series displays two time zones.

This exquisite timepiece is housed in a beautiful 41mm white gold Calatrava case with ‘hobnail’ detailing on the flanks. This timepiece features an automatic, in-house Patek movement with a micro-rotor to power its highly utilitarian dial.

Tudor’s Black Bay Pro

Tudor‘s new Black Bay Pro borrows some design inspirations from its older sibling, but it’s more subtle.

Tudor used Rolex‘s Explorer model’s yellow second-hour hand for the GMT function on this watch. The snowflake-style hands in lemon-curb yellow are a handsome signature for watchmakers.

The new technical model includes a 39-millimeter diameter, fixed steel bezel, and a Manufacture Calibre with a built-in GMT function and a fresh look. The Black Bay Pro model pays homage to the pioneering explorers’ tools of the past.

Cartier’s Chinoise Tank

Perhaps the most popular watch in history is the Cartier Tank.
A well-worn Tank has always garnered immense admiration among watch collectors.

The first Tank debuted in 1917. Louis Cartier pushed the watch’s horizons to the far east in 1922 with the Tank Chinoise, influenced by traditional Chinese arts.

It has been redesigned six times since its first appearance 100 years ago. The Chinoise offers the Tank Louis Cartier an edge if it feels too delicate.

The muscular horizontal bars at the top and bottom of the case, influenced by Chinese temple wooden pillars, give this Tank timepiece a sturdy look not found in other variants. This model from Cartier is one of the most sought-after.

Montblanc’s 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date

This new Montblanc diver’s watch features an “icy” display and a narrowing detachable and adjustable strap. Montblanc went to the Mont Blanc massif’s glacial lakes to imagine a new sports diver’s watch.

Maison’s designers were captivated by the texture of the ice and its intricate structure of crystals frozen over hundreds of years as they followed the journey up the Chamonix valley to the Sea of Ice glacier (Mer de Glace in French).

Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea comes with three different color dials, blue,  green, and black, which symbolize distinct tints of glacial ice.

On the back of each watch is a 3D etching of an iceberg with a diver exploring its frigid seas. The engraving process begins with a laser shaping the metal to create a 3D picture in relief, which adds depth and realism to the piece.

Grand Seiko’s Evolution 9 Collection Diver

For its debut, Grand Seiko, which is well renowned for its gorgeous nature-inspired designs, embraced its sportier side. The first Evolution 9 collection (which comprises pieces that were previously only available as one-offs) contains a GMT Chronograph, GMT, and the star of the show, a Diver.

Watches & Wonders: 5 Luxury Watches Released in 2022

Japanese luxury watchmaker Grand Seiko is famed for its extravagant pieces and superior craftsmanship and stepped up its presence in 2022 by debuting its new collection at Watches & Wonders for the first time.

In its “Evolution 9” series, the brand debuted five new sports models this year. The designs are built around sculpted hour markers, case profiles, hand shapes, and “Spring Drive” movements. The new collection also includes two “GMT” models, two “Chronograph GMT” models, and a “9RA5” dive watch.

With 267 diamonds and 26 black spinels adorning it, the GS “White Lion” is the brand’s latest high jewelry watch. It blends high-precision timekeeping with limited-edition status.