Anthony Hayes: Film Finance, Enemy of the Studios, and the Blockchain

Horacio spoke with actor and director Anthony Hayes, whose latest release, Gold, is now available on major streaming platforms. Anthony is also the creator of Retrogression; the first movie franchise started from the blockchain. With Retrogression, Anthony is looking to disrupt the traditional financial mechanism in the film industry. The RTGN token is central to creating a new source of finance to put the power back in the hands of creatives and allow movie fans to have a say in a film’s development.

Discussion topics include:

  • Anthony’s latest movie release, Gold, and the inspiration behind it

  • Hurdles in securing financing for movies

  • Economics of film budgeting to secure financing

  • Netflix paying upfront but owning intellectual property rights

  • Retrogression ecosystem as a film, play to earn game, and streaming service

  • Integrating elements of crypto and NFTs into the entire ecosystem

  • Rewarding creators with the RTGN token

  • Meeting the demands of project supporters

  • Tokenomics of RTGN

  • Retrogression as a Role-Playing Game with the Ben Hammond protagonist

  • Being an enemy of the traditional studios

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