Creating Content on Social Media for the Sports Collectibles Market with Sam Farber from Goldin Auctions

Horacio spoke with Sam Farber, the Head of Business Development and Content at Goldin Auctions. Sam oversees content development at Goldin, helping to bring a creative and engaging voice to the leading sports collectibles auction house. In this episode, Sam talks about the latest auction at Goldin, the merits of the sports collectibles industry, and future projects that Goldin is involved with – including a Netflix show!

Discussion topics include:

  • The Jackie Robinson 75th Anniversary Auction

  • Game-worn memorabilia as undervalued collectibles

  • The rise of Formula 1 and tickets as an asset class

  • Working in the NBA overseeing digital content

  • Growing the infrastructure for content at Goldin Auctions

  • Creating content to engage all of social media

  • Balancing business practices with social media relevance

  • Selling to a more educated audience

  • Breaking hobby boxes with Drake and Ken Goldin

  • The historical value of the sports card market

  • Creating a reality show on Netflix

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