Jomashop’s 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast

Jomashop's 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast

The New Year marks a time for reflecting and planning for the upcoming year coming ahead. While there have been some hot fashion trends this past year, some will move into 2022 while others will remain where they should… in 2021. But, as always, new trends will be born, old trends from decades ago will return, and we will get to witness it all together!

Style reflection for the new year may be just what you need to refresh your wardrobe and test-drive new styles to get a head start on some of the top Spring fashion trends for 2022. Fashion enthusiasm is at an all-time high. This year is also set to be the moment for fashion redemption, especially after its near three years decline due to the global pandemic.

Fashion experts believe that every wardrobe needs new life, vibrant hues, and variety in the ensemble collection area. Therefore, time to ditch the slacks and sweatpants that have plagued us long enough for more trendy attires and discounted designer clothes. Don’t you think?

Better Fashion, Better You

Does the term “new year, new me” ring a bell? Well, let 2022 be your break-out year, in the most fashionable way possible, of course. It’s time to do that wardrobe makeover that you’ve been dreading because your pre-pandemic outfits are outdated. Meanwhile, luxury labels and designer brands have been waiting to exhale, as evidenced by their latest collections of bright hues and edgy designs, so why not inhale trendy fashion?

Still don’t believe your wardrobe needs a makeover? Take a look at what’s hot right now, and check out Jomashop to get stylish designer clothes and shoes at unbeatable prices!

Drum roll, please…

Here are 5 fashion trends that will rule over 2022:

Playful in Purple

The top color trends of 2022 are based on hope, warmth, growth, and joy, which signifies a more positive outlook of the world as we continue to navigate our new norm.

Pantone, the World-leading color authority and trend forecaster, picked Very Peri, a blue-purple hue, as the 2022 Color of The Year.

Jomashop's 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast
Pantone’s Color of the Year: Veri Peri 
Jomashop's 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast
Comme Des Garcons Purple T-shirt

While this Comme Des Garcons Purple Cotton T-shirt isn’t the exact Veri-Peri shade, it sure is close. This comfy t-shirt is basic with just the right amount of color. I know it’s hard to imagine warmer days in this frigid weather, but they will come, and this shirt will make a staple piece in your Spring/ Summer wardrobe. Now 28% off stay on trend and on budget!

Stand Out With A Pop Of Color

According to fashion experts and Fashion Designers, Spring 2022 will also bring some of the most dreamy, wearable colors yet. Top designers unleashed their colorful creatives in their Spring/Summer collection at New York Fashion Week.

Among trending colors are soft lilac, a surprisingly attractive purple that offers a different perspective on purple. Other notable mentions include bright canary yellow, mournful hot pink, salty caramel, electrifying red, and mystifying sky blue.

Punk Leather Chic

Another relic from the 1990s has reappeared, thanks to the ongoing obsession with all things retro – the leather biker jacket. It was once the go-to jacket for off-duty models, but the supersized version has brought it back in a big way.

Jomashop's 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast
Burberry Leather Aviator Jacket

This Burberry Aviator Jacket is the perfect blend of punk & rock. I absolutely adore the ring pierced collar and sleeve cuffs. This jacket is edgy and spunky and 61% off. Go run and snatch this up!

Fun in Fringes

It is no secret that when fringes join the conversation, everyone immediately thinks about westerns. However, that is old news baby! Fringe is back and better than ever; this time, the tassel detailing is thicker, fuller, and less casual. This season’s fringe will totally give your look that extra oompf… did someone say main character moment?

Burberry has been serving up so many fringed looks this season. From fringed dresses and skirts to jackets and capes, a little fringe never hurt nobody, especially at up to 80% off!

Sheer is HERE

This season’s runway was dominated by sheer, barely-there gowns. Layer chiffon, nylon, and gauze fabrics with a simple two-piece underneath or go bold and bare. Leaving just enough room for the imagination… but not too much.

Jomashop's 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast
Jomashop's 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast
Off-White Mesh Dress

Off-White does it right with this mesh cape dress. I can see you elevating this look in so many different ways. Make it a vacation-wear look paired with a neon swimsuit, or dress it up with some jeans for a night on the town. The choice is all yours!

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are part of the return of Y2K fashion, and I am simply thrilled. Mini skirts with thigh-high boots= iconic. Burberry, Balmain, and more have brought the mini skirt back in fun colors and patterns (shown below).

Sparkly in Sequins & More Metalics

Sequins and metallics, which were previously reserved for the holiday season, have been elevated to year-round status, and rightly so.

Glittering sequins, satins, and wet metallics will glam up your wardrobe. Depending on how you style it, it can give you a rock ‘n’ roll, disco princess, or a glamorous beauty-queen look. The opportunities are endless. Shine brightly, far, and wide, and don’t be afraid to be your own star!

Jomashop's 2022 Fashion Trend Forecast
Sequined Saint Laurent Top

This Sequined Saint Laurent tank top can be dressed up or down depending on the kind of look you are going for. Pair with a leather mini skirt, or keep it casual with a pair of jeans.

Are any of these trends something that you could see yourself incorporating into your fashion style this year? Don’t let 2022 pass you by sticking with the same boring clothes from last year. Take your outfits to the next level with trendy designs from top designer lables (discounted up to 75% off)!