Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

A good pair of jeans should be a staple in every persons’ wardrobe. Not only do jeans match with practically everything, but it also makes any outfit look more put together. Therefore, investing in a quality pair of jeans or two that will last you a lifetime is a no-brainer, right?

History of the iconic material

Jeans are made from denim or dungaree cloth. After numerous trials and errors to perfect the material, jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss.

Jeans were invented in the 1800s as practical workwear. The classic indigo color was actually chosen to better hide the dirt worn by miners and laborers

As jeans evolved, the iconic denim jean was later adopted by many other kinds of people over the last two centuries. Some include cowboys, Hollywood legends, counterculture rebels, rock stars, and high fashion models.

Hollywood played a vital role in romanticizing blue jeans between the 1920s and 1930s by putting them on handsome-looking cowboys. As jeans continued to be glamorized in pop culture, many consumers who sought casual leisurewear gravitated to them. There were relentless marketing strategies of jeans and publicity photos of actresses wearing them to help convince women that the style was for them too! However, during the ’50s jeans were associated with rebellious, anti-establishment youth.

Jeans in the 21st Century

Throughout the 2000s jeans have become an essential piece of clothing. The same pair can be worn with any top over and over again- once you wash them, of course. So they have to be seen as investment pieces because longevity makes an item more affordable in the long term.

Jean Meets Luxury

There are many reasons why you should invest in branded jeans. Some of which include: durability, its lasting appearance, comfortability, and style.

One aspect when buying the right pair of branded jeans is considering color. Essential denim colors are typically basic, like black, blue, and white. Those hues allow you to mix and match with any outfit since they will last longer. However, sometimes a pop of color on jeans can make a powerful fashion statement, so don’t be afraid of being different.

You may ask yourself, why spend $200, $500, or even $1000 on a pair of jeans? But if you do the math, think about how many pairs of jeans you have gone through over your lifetime! We advise you to look at your jeans as a long-term investment when buying them. Therefore, not only will you be stylish and comfortable, but you won’t have to keep buying new pairs of your favorite jeans that are worn out and ripped.

With that in mind, here are six must-have jeans from Jomashop that are up to 75% off.

Burberry Blue Bambi Waisted High-rise Skinny Jeans

Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

Burberry is known for its detailed and quality work, and these jeans are no exception. This piece is crafted from Japanese denim with a stretchy fit, so you will be comfortable all day long!

Skinny jeans are simply a must-have for every female’s closet. Classic and flattering, you can spice up the iconic style with a pair of Bambi print Burberry jeans. Gone are the days that blue jeans have to be plain and boring! And great news, these are currently 77% off retail!

SAINT LAURENT Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans

Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

Every lady needs a pair of white jeans in her collection. It is simply a fashion staple! Now 43% off, these Saint Laurent distressed jeans will enhance every style. People may think white clothes are reserved for the summertime only, but we have news for you- when styled correctly, these can be worn all year round!

Burberry Mens Relaxed Fit Reconstructed Denim Jeans

Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

Up next, we have Men’s Relaxed Jeans which feature a leather patch embossed with Burberry’s new logo. Comfortable and luxurious these jeans keep things interesting with rear pockets in the front. Your street style has never looked fresher! And at 70% off, there is no excuse not to snatch these up!

OFF-WHITE Faded Pink Jeans in Blue/Pink

Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

Hot take… Jeans can be colorful. We have been trained that the timeless fabric should remain in different shades of blue, black, or gray, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Off-White takes things to new heights with these cotton-blend faded jeans. Now 55% off, you can stand out for less!

Balenciaga Ladies Pink Skinny Jeans

Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

While discussing colorful jeans, it only seems fitting to show these Balenciaga pink skinny jeans. These jeans have a 5 pocket design and are half off! Pair with a simple black or white shirt and prepare to receive tons of compliments!

GUCCI Blue Slim Cut Jeans

Why Designer Jeans are Worth the investment

And to wrap up our jeans journey, take classic to new heights with these stretchy Gucci slim-cut jeans. At first glance, it looks like a regular pair of blue jeans. However, turn around because the back has a special bonus. Not only is there a black Gucci tag, but there is also an embroidered Mickey Mouse patch on the rear pocket!

Gucci has turned Disney into fashion with its assortment of items that display the iconic Mickey Mouse character. Gucci is here bringing back your childhood with its array of pants, sweatshirts, dresses, bags, and more!

Luxury and quality clothing brands go through many steps to ensure that their jeans are high quality and durable, which is even more of a reason to invest in the best brand.

While you shouldn’t always splurge buying things ridiculously above your budget, your wallet and closet will thank you in the long run. Because you can’t put a price on an investment piece of clothing that you truly love!

Jeans have been through it all over the last 100+ years. Begining as working clothes, then later representing symbols of disobedience, they eventually became a bestselling fashion item. The history of denim and jeans is long and certainly very colorful!