This Perfume Has Rihanna Smelling Like Heaven

This Perfume Has Rihanna Smelling Like Heaven

If you have been dying to know what Fenty Beauty Boss, Rihanna smells like, then guess what? It is your lucky day! Because word on the street is that the singer-turned-business mogul smells like heaven!

Are we at all surprised that Riri’s smell is reminiscent of paradise?

The Secret’s Out…

So today, I will be revealing her secret; so please don’t hate me Riri! It is basically of national importance that I share this!

This Perfume Has Rihanna Smelling Like Heaven

Here it is! I present to you, “Love Don’t Be Shy” By Kilian. Aka the perfume that Billionare Rihanna notoriously wears that has everyone around her hypnotized.

Despite Rihanna never confirming her scent, in a now-deleted video from 2016 on Instagram, her friend (@StylishGent) spilled the beans (much to her displeasure, we’re sure).

A Pretty Penny, But Worth The Cost

Cost is of no significance when the reward is smelling like a billionaire (especially when that billionare happens to be Rihanna).

Which girl would regret investing over $200 on a perfume that can help you grab any guy’s attention and smell like a pop star? It is one of the best investments a girl can make, personally speaking.

Even Celebs Gush Over Her Scent

To my dismay, I have yet to meet Rihanna, never mind catch a whiff of her glorious scent. However, fortunately, some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood have gushed over just how amazing the Bajan beauty guru smells. Not only have they raved, but some have even made it a point to share in interviews just how angelic she smells.

Celebrities like Cardi B, Lil Nas X, Nick Jonas, Ryan Seacrest, and more have all publicly shared how amazing Rihanna smells.

During an interview, Lil Nas X was asked an interesting question; to describe his favorite smell. Guess what he responded? He literally replied, “Rihanna”.

Now we all know that Cardi B does not hold much back, so it was no surprise that when she met Rihanna at the BET Awards, after a brief hug, she grinned big and screamed, “she smells good!”

Television producer Ryan Seacrest upon meeting Rihanna on the red carpet, tweeted, “I smell everyone on the red carpet, and @rihanna was the best smelling celeb at the Grammys. #nowyouknow.”

Nick Jonas, who has attempted to flirt with Rihanna in the past, can also be added to the long list of celebrities who complemented her scent. The youngest Jonas brother said, “She smells amazing, this is one thing I can tell you. Everyone says it, but I can actually tell you because I smelt her now, and it’s amazing.”

The founder of the thrilling and unforgettable perfume, Kilian Hennessy even confirmed that he was in the superstar’s presence twice and smelled his perfume on her, much to his delight.

About The Glorious Scent

The alluring scent begins with soft orange blossom absolute, which honestly makes me happy just describing it.

The enticing aroma also has marshmallows and vanilla (who doesn’t love marshmallows)? These ingredients work together to create a scent reminiscent of an appealing dessert (and, don’t even get me started on dessert).

When Kilian Hennessy created this perfume 13 years ago, he wanted the scent to make the wearer smell like something you just wanted to take a bite out of.

Other Popular Kilian Scents

  1. Moonlight in Heaven: (Top Left) Fruity key notes of mango & grapefruit
  2. Good Girl Gone Bad: (Top Middle) Notes of apricot and orange
  3. Back to Black: (Top Right) Sweet notes of honey, bergamot, raspberry, patchouli, almond, and vanilla
  4. Straight to Heaven: (Bottom Left): Powerful notes of rum, nutmeg, dried fruits, hedione, cedar, Indonesian patchouli & more
  5. Rolling in Love: (Bottom Middle) Musky notes of almond milk, ambrette, tuberose, and vanilla
  6. Woman in Gold: (Bottom Right) Zesty notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, vanilla, rose, tonka bean and patchouli

The Best on Sale

Rihanna’s enticing smell and natural beauty combined with her talent and entrepreneurial accolades have made her arguably the best smelling woman in Hollywood.

And now you know her secret. So cash in on the ongoing sale at Jomashop because Kilian perfumes are currently on sale up to 35% off.

You may not be a billionaire…but you can surely smell like one.