The Three Watch Collection for $5,000: Reader Edition – Jose Luis Salazar

Editor’s Note: In this edition of The Three Watch Collection for $5,000, reader Jose Luis Salazar (@studiojsalazar on Instagram) shares a trio of watches as classic as they are functional. Best of all, the selections are well considered for his profession and lifestyle with the diversity to serve a future generation in the process. 

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I am a landscape architect by profession, and based in Manila, Philippines. My typical workweek is a mix of designing spaces, coordinating projects, visits to construction sites, presentations to clients, and some errands in between. I selected these three watches to be versatile, classic, but not too similar that the collection would seem monotonous. In my opinion, these timepieces are well built enough for my future children to inherit, and these designs will endure for generations.

All three of these can be bought at the Windup Watch Shop (with enough change for a few straps or a G-Shock!)

ORIS Divers Sixty-Five 40mm Blue Dial – $2,200

The daily wearer of the collection, this watch will be able to handle a wide range of situations, and can be suitable for wearing with casual or business attires. This blue dial gives a little pop of color to the trio while still being timeless. Waterproof and relatively tough – can be used during a hot summer day or a dip in the pool/ beach. All of that while being rugged enough for a dusty construction site and presentable enough for a client board presentation.

Hamilton Intra-Matic Chrono H Black Dial – $2,045

A manual winding chronograph that looks good on a leather strap – I imagine this will be nice for the cooler days of the year, or simply for a whole day of desk / office work. The black dial is classic and versatile, but the chronograph complication and white sub dials still gives it an interesting twist. The watch and hand-winding movement is admirable in itself, but can also be a conversation starter for other people and enthusiasts alike.

Junghans Max Bill Quartz Matte Silver with Numerals – $575

For the rare formal event, or the times that I want a slim piece on my wrist – this grab and go quartz watch would be a very nice item in the collection. Low profile to fit under a shirt cuff, with a heritage that speaks about my design profession. I appreciate the well designed elements that go into this watch, especially the typefaces and how the date window aligns with the rest of the numerals.

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