The Perfect Gift For HIM

The Perfect Gift For HIM

Getting the perfect gift for that remarkable guy in your life that he will love can be an overwhelming process, especially during the holidays.

Between an endless amount of choices thrown your way for gift ideas or just thinking about plowing through crowded shopping malls, it certainly is reasonable to feel stressed. Fortunately, with you don’t have to be pulled into the last-minute craziness that comes with shopping during the busiest time of the year!

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What would make the perfect gift for the special male in your life? (Aka: something that you can purchase from the comfort of your home and never pay retail?) The answer is quite simple, a designer wallet!

Wallets are a great gift idea since they are both practical and stylish. At Jomashop, you can choose one that suits your man’s personality with the right color and shape. These could range from a minimalist, front pocket, traditional bi-fold, long, cardholder, or slim wallets.

Thankfully, we are here to help guide you to a great designer wallet, at the best price! Sounds like a plan? I’m sure he could use a new wallet and will be thrilled to receive one. This might be the only way you’ll get him to get rid of the busted one he has had for years. And if his current wallet isn’t ripped up, no one ever said upgrades were a bad thing. There is also the saying that goes, “two is better than one”… yeah, your man deserves options.

When deciding on a new wallet, it is wise to invest in one that will last.
Quality men’s leather wallets are typically manufactured to last 2-3 years on average. Therefore, it is crucial to consider buying one that will last your lucky man a long time! At Jomashop, you can choose from brands like Saint Laurent, Emporio Armani, Montblanc, Coach, Burberry, Gucci and more, at up to 60% off.

Types of Wallets

Bi-fold & Tri-fold wallets are a great choice and have several compartments for cards, coins, and flap closure. The most popular ones are either made from lambskin or calfskin.

A Front Pocket wallet is another great choice, as many men often prefer this type. There is a growing trend where guys are carrying their wallets in their front pockets. The defining feature of a front pocket wallet is that it’s much smaller than a standard wallet, which will fit comfortably in your front pocket, rather than being stuffed behind.

MONTBLANC Westside Zipped Pocket Leather Wallet

The Perfect Gift For HIM

Long Wallets are an interesting alternative to the traditional bulky solution but bear in mind; they are not compatible with just any attire. They are less visible than regular folding wallets with better compartmentalization and more comfortable to carry.

GUCCI Men’s Signature Wallet in Blue

The Perfect Gift For HIM

Now that you understand wallets better, whatever you choose, try to stick to his fashion taste first. However, if you want to play it safe or stick to basics, a leather wallet is always a neutral and stylish choice.

For some individuals, a large wallet is a good choice. Especially if you are purchasing a wallet for the man that keeps LITERALLY everything in his wallet. We are thinking of those people that carry around 20 credit cards at a time!

Getting your man a wallet will make him more organized, and it’s something that he will use daily. Now, every time he busts his wallet out, he is bound to think of you as the gift giver in chief.

A wallet is probably one of the most important accessories for a man. Men are usually more practical than women, thus they prefer gifts that are more practical than sentimental. Fortunately, wallets carry practical value at a minimum. And if you select a luxurious one, it can even hold some sentimental value as well.