Swatch Taps In To Their Roots With New Clear Collection

A fun watch is something we throw on every now and then when we don’t want to take watches too seriously. They’re a light-hearted way to express ourselves differently and they immediately put a smile on our faces every time we glance down because of their own quirkiness. For some it could be a palette cleanser from the daily tool watch or dress watch that takes up most of the wrist time, or for others it’s a way to try something new. Swatch watches fully embody what fun watches are all about and their recent release with the Clear Collection continues that spirit.

What we get with the Clear Collection is a set of transparent cased watches putting their quartz movements on display, playfully contrasted by their colored hands. The Clearly Bold is constructed in a clear plastic case and is the largest out of the group, spanning 47mm in width, living up to its name. The silver chapter ring, with its painted black markers, frames the movement at the center of the dial. The tri-colored hands stand out against the ratchet wheel, battery housing and other miscellaneous movement parts that make up the dial display. The Clearly Big Bold mirrors its Clearly Bold counterpart except for the SwatchPAY capability. SwatchPAY allows the user to connect his or her bankcard to the actual watch via the Swatch App, and (theoretically) make for a smoother touch-less transaction at the grocery store or your local coffee shop. Both the Clearly Bold and Clearly Big Bold come on an opaque silicone strap and are equipped with 30 meters of water resistance.

Swatch takes the environmentally conscious approach with the Clearly Gent and the Clearly New Gent by fashioning the case and strap out of a bio-sourced material. The Clearly Gent is a smaller watch, measuring 34mm across, compared to its 41mm Clearly New Gent sibling. Unlike the Clearly Bold where the crown is located at two o’clock, the crown for the Clearly Gent and Clearly New Gent are located at the traditional three o’clock spot. The quartz movement is yet again on display framed by a silver chapter ring and anchored by the colored hands. The Clearly Gent and Clearly New Gent will most certainly be a slimmer profile and aesthetically more fluid on wrist since the case transitions to the strap smoothly and are both made out of the same clear bio-sourced material.

Rounding out the Clear Collection is the Clearly Skin. The Clearly Skin loses the yellow seconds hand but still maintains the red hour and blue minute baton hands. The gold ratchet wheel of the movement is centered in the transparent dial adding a combination of depth and balance. The Clearly Skin measures 34mm wide and is made out of the same bio-sourced material found in the Clearly Gent. The Clearly Skin is the thinnest watch in the Swatch line-up and promises for a “barely-there” feel.

Swatch continues to find ways to bring a fun approach to watches at a price point that won’t hurt your wallet. The Clear Collection is currently available and are priced as follows: The Clearly Bold and Clearly Big Bold at $110, Clearly Gent at $75, Clearly New Gent at $85 and finally the Clearly Skin at $120. Swatch

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